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I-Tech e-Services
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On-Demand Single Services

Device Maintenance & Repair

For products requiring regular maintenance and repair, I-Tech e-Services is able to receive, service, and redeploy products on a continuing basis, also providing diagnostic feedback to clientsa�� design and engineering teams for corrective action.

In addition to the I-Tech customer portal that allows customers to log in and track product status, as an added service the company can integrate with clientsa�� ERP systems for real-time data exchange and product tracking.

Electronic Repair Services

  • High-mix PCB Assemblies
  • BGAA�repair/rework
  • X-Ray verification
  • PCBA�Layout
  • Prototype thru production build
  • Fault Diagnosis
  • ECO Updates
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Electronic Assemblies

  • Demonstration Units
  • Prototype Units
  • High Mix / Low Volume Production Runs
  • Internal/external wiring
  • Mechanical Components

SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) System

I-Tech e-Servicesa�� SMT System is capable of producing high-mix, low- to mid-volumes of PCB assemblies.A� The System comprises components from MYCRONIC-MYDATA, a leading Swedish manufacturer of SMT and Pattern Generator Systems that has 30 years of experience in technology automation.

MYCRONIC-MYDATA systems won the 2012 SMT China VISION Award in the category of a�?Assembly Tools,a�?A� with criteria based on the ability of SMT equipment to reduce cost, improve quality, increase efficiency, enhance reliability, ensure safety, and protect the environment.

Customer satisfaction surveys on MYCRONIC-MYDATA equipment have generated overall ratings of 95%.

With this System, I-Tech e-Services is able to mount, solder, load, and clean PCBs with an extremely high degree of efficiency and quality


Custom Cables and Harnesses

I-Tech e-Services produce cables and harnesses to custom specifications, particularly for small- to medium-production runs and prototyping purposes.

Quality and turn-around time are guaranteed to meet or exceed customer SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements.

System Wiring

  • High Voltage Breaker Applications
  • Systems with in excess of 1k wire count
  • Typical AWG 10-22 SIS
  • Bare or Insulated AMP Systems

Custom Cabling/Harnesses

  • Built to your specification
  • Reverse engineering service available
  • Prototypes
  • Small to medium production runs

If your business requires shipping and placement of equipment and other products at your customersa�� single or multiple locations, we provide the necessary planning, coordination, and deployment of the equipment and products with your customers.

This service includes status reports for your monitoring purposes.