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Winners of Partnership Gwinnett’s Annual Movers and Makers Awards Announced

Winners of Partnership Gwinnett’s Annual Movers and Makers Awards Announced

(GWINNETT- METRO ATLANTA) March 6, 2014 a�� Partnership Gwinnett, in collaboration with Gwinnett Technical College, announced the winners of its 3rd Annual Movers & Makers Awards Presented by Jackson EMC during a ceremony held this morning.

Georgiaa��s largest local awards event honoring Manufacturing and Supply Chain companies, the Movers & Makers Awards are the Countya��s annual recognition of exceptional companies involved in the manufacture, processing, or distribution of tangible products.

The three manufacturing winners included:

  • Small Manufacturer of the Year Award Winner (1-49 employees): YSS Athletics
  • Medium Manufacturer of the Year Award Winner (50-149 employees): MTI Baths
  • Large Manufacturer of the Year Award Winner (150+ employees): Millennium Mats, LLC

a�?From our inception in the community more than 25 years ago, we have found Gwinnett to be an instrumental part of our success,a�? said MTI Baths CEO, Kathy Adams. a�?It is an honor to be named the 2014 Medium Manufacturer of the Year and we look forward to continuing to grow and innovate in Gwinnett County.a�?

The two supply chain winners included:

a�?RockTenna��s sustainable supply chain starts with the manufacture of our paper-based packaging from recycled and renewable fiber. Then, we collect and recycle this packaging and use the fiber to make more paper-based packaging,a�? said Steve Voorhees, RockTenna��s chief executive officer. a�?Wea��re honored to be recognized and accept this Green Supply Chain Award on behalf of RockTenna��s 26,000 employees, nearly 1,600 of whom are based in Gwinnett County a�� our headquarters for more than four decades.a�?

The Most Valuable Provider (MVP) Award recognized i-Tech e-Services for its excellence in service to the manufacturing and supply chain sectors in the county.

In addition to recognizing the 2014 winners, the awards ceremony featured Keynote Speaker Blake Moret, Senior Vice President of Control Products and Solutions for Rockwell Automation.

a�?At Rockwell Automation, we recognize the vital task companies face in maximizing production through automation so they remain efficient and globally competitive,a�? stated Moret. a�?I applaud the innovative approach of this program to publicly honor the valuable manufacturing and supply chain industries in this community.a�?

Companies were evaluated based upon criteria involving economic impact in the community, corporate responsibility, and workforce excellence programs.

a�?As a champion for business and workforce development, Gwinnett Technical College is proud to support the Movers & Makers Awards. This marks our third year as proud partner and host of the awards and represents our commitment to educational and training initiatives for our areaa��s vital manufacturing sector,a�? said David McCulloch, vice president of economic development, Gwinnett Technical College.

a�?With more than 500 companies that a�?move or makea�� in Gwinnett County, manufacturing and supply chain companies play an essential role in our local economy, and drive innovation and competitiveness,a�? commented Troels Adrian, Senior Project Manager, Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development and Partnership Gwinnett. a�?It is our privilege to recognize the impact these pioneering companies have in Gwinnett, and to highlight our community as a home for the manufacturing industry of the future.a�?

For more information about the Movers & Makers Awards, visit partnershipgwinnett.com/movers-makers-awards.

To learn more about Partnership Gwinnett and Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development, visitwww.partnershipgwinnett.com or www.gwinnetteconomicdevelopment.com.